Our habits matter. And they add up.

Life is about practicing courage.  Including – for me – opening this blog.  To be completely transparent…I never planned to open a ‘mom blog’.   Like ever.  

Afterall, I certainly know that nobody loves my kids as much as I do.  Or thinks them as charming as I do.   So I wanted to make this a different kind of mom blog than I’d seen before.   This mom blog is for moms like me…wanting to improve in the areas of  fitness, nutrition and communication.

So I’ll tell you straight up…I save the dozens of birthday pictures, the family vacation pictures, the kids school achievements…for our personal monthly family newsletter.

My sister-in-law got us started on it several years ago. (Thank you, Sulane!)

My parents are the newsletter coordinators now and each month we submit our family’s activities and pictures.  They print them off and send it, by mail, to each of us. It’s totally awesome and frankly, the only way we siblings (there’s 9 of us) stay in touch some months.

So.  With this blog, I’m speaking to the mom who feels overwhelmed and occasionally crabby…perhaps flies off the handle and doesn’t understand why…or wants to blame the child for her flying off the handle…(it’s not the child by the way)…and wants to stop feeling that way.

As I began exploring my own self development several years ago…

I was intrigued by the first questions I was asked:

              • How much physical activity do you get in a day?
              • How many fruits and vegetables do you eat in a day? 
              • How much sleep do you get on the average night?

I was amazed to hear these three questions over and over and over again. So much so that I decided to dive in deep.

So many times, we think filling our time with stuff and staying up late is a mark of adulthood.

Or of independent living.

Or that that is “the only me-time” that we get. I’ve learned from Brendon Burchard that in order to feel a sense of control in life…and we all want that…well, assuming you’re human. Then we have to control these five things.

1. Our activity level in a day.

2.  What we put in our mouths...get plenty of plants (no, I’m not vegetarian by any means.  This is just science and the ph level of our human body.)

3. How much sleep we get.  Ideal is 7-8 hours per night…not always realistic if you have kids big or small…but ideal for the human brain…and emotional maturity, of both you and the child. 

4. How much water we drink. Yep, I’m gonna say it…our human body is more than 75% water…we must replenish our water with water for our brains and organs to work properly…..and…

5. Learning something new. Giving ourselves something new to learn, think about or experience.  (If you want more on the topic of human behaviors…go get Brendon Burchard’s book The Charge.  Worth every penny.)

Brene Brown is one of my favorite people.  Maybe one day I’ll actually get to meet her and shake her hand.  She’s amazing.  She teaches that to build a healthy self we need to act from a place of courage, compassion and connection.  Even (and sometimes especially) with ourselves.  

(Want more on this topic go get any of her books(!) Her book, Daring Greatly, is one of my absolute favorites.  I just got her new book, Rising Strong.  I love it!)

I’d like to add another C…communication. Even (…and sometimes especially…) with ourselves.

I’ve decided life is about practicing courage.

Courage to be compassionate. Courage to explore our own behavior, reactions, interactions. 

Courage to have difficult conversations. 

Courage to take some time for myself. 

Courage to start a new business.

My mentor, Chalene Johnson, said something in passing one day that has really stuck with me.

She said, “There is no need for courage if there is no fear.”  Hmm.
The more I’ve thought about that, the more it makes sense and in an amazing kind of way…it gives me courage.

(I don’t know if she was the author of that quote but I totally give her the credit because I heard it from her.  Ever done that?  Heard something that really strikes you, but you don’t remember if they were quoting someone else… Ah well, it doesn’t even matter.  Totally made a difference in my life and way of thinking.)

Todd Herman teaches,

“People don’t quit their business because it’s hard.  

People quit because they thought it was going to be easy.”  (toddherman.me)

Like you… My family is my business.  

My personal development is my business.  

My health is my business.  

My quality of life is my business.    

My peace of mind is my business.    

Overcoming my “natural (wo)man” is my business.  

Okay, that sounds kinda weird, but you get what I mean.  The natural man is an enemy to God…so to overcome the natural man, it takes learning and work and practice and remembering to notice and then…take action.  

Make a choice with the full understanding that you’re making a decision.  You are choosing a consequence in order to cut off other possibilities.  Then take action on that decision over and over.

Jim Kwik taught me, “Remembering is learning.  Learning is remembering.”  Sometimes I need a little reminding…and that’s okay.

Life takes courage. And it’s a process.  Join me on my journey.  Our habits matter.  And they add up.

Best, Lei Ann

My favorite of me and Jason

I’m mostly a mom.

But I’m also a wife, a fitness trainer, a business partner, an entrepreneur, an expert in family meal planning (by desperation) and at living life by design–MY design. 

I love to help people, mom’s especially, learn to power their habits so they can find peace within themselves and feel accomplishment so that they can really nurture their most important people to reach and teach them.

I believe that joy, peace, self worth, dreams, love…all good things begin in the home…in the little habits we practice every day and teach our children, mostly without realizing it. I’ve been amazed to discover that our lives are much more designable than we even realize.