How I Make Healthy Homemade Meals…Without Being in the Kitchen

Yes, you read that right.

Make Healthy Meals Flank Steak Fajitas

How to make healthy homemade meals…without being in the kitchen??

Sounds impossible, right?

I used to think so too…until I developed a system that kept working over and over again.

You see…my family’s nutrition desperately needed to be turned around.
And as the mom, I saw it as my responsibility.
Maybe you can relate.  My struggle in preparing a healthy homemade meal was that I was needed – everywhere else – at meal prep time.  

Helping with homework, piano lessons, track practice, running club…

So I set about smoothing the path for myself
 – to create healthy homemade meals –
without having to be in the kitchen.

There are five steps. Here’s what I do:
1. Shopping
Look at your recipe. The key here is – not right before it’s time for supper and you’re scrambling for something to make.  But earlier in the day while the kids are napping or at school.

Now, do a little math and double the ingredients (so you can make two meals while you’re making one).

Add at least one easily blend-able vegetable (so you can add vitamins and minerals the mom-ninja way.) Please note: This is not instead of fresh vegetables on the side but rather in addition to…

Now go shopping.

2. Chopping
Wash all produce really well. (You saw that news story about the incapacitating bacterial infection from the dirty produce, right? Yikes! Scares me to death. Wash it well.)

Rough chop all the produce – dividing it in half as you go. Placing one half in the blender and the other half in a bowl (or just a pile) to wait their turn.

3. Blending
The liquids,
The seasonings, and
The vegetables…until smooth.

Just fyi:  Carrots don’t work so well to blend because I want it to be smooth and… because I’m going to freeze – at least one – of these meals.  So I shred the carrots and add them after blending. Okay, actually I buy them shredded because it saves me a little time. (I use carrots in some of my soups and stews, like my Taco Soup and my Stew recipes.)

4. Bagging
Label your gallon size freezer Ziploc bag with two things:
1) The name of the meal, and
2) What, if anything you need to add the day of cooking

With the size of my family, I don’t put the meat in the bag so I always write it on the bag…or maybe I don’t have one of the ingredients the day I blended so I write it on the bag to add the day of cooking, etc.

5. Crocking

Add the meat first.  Then the frozen, blended ingredients.

HI 4-6 (especially if it’s right out of the freezer)
LO 8-10

Mealtime is pivotal to bedtime which is pivotal to how tomorrow goes wouldn’t you say? (and the whole dynamics of the family for that matter…) and as the mom…

You are the key.

So much rides on your shoulders.

You’re amazing.

So those are the five basic steps.

What’s your favorite way to easily make a healthy meal for your family?

Are you totally organized?

What’s your biggest struggle?

I’d love to get your input.  

I’ve put together a 7 question survey.  

If you have a minute (more like 30 seconds) to give me your thoughts, sign up here. (It will open in a new tab.)  

As a thank you, I’ll send you my family’s favorite recipe for making a healthy homemade meal without being in the kitchen:  Flank Steak Fajitas.  Yep, it’s the one in the picture.

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